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Here, in our Tips & Tricks section, you will find answers to relevant questions about children and youth media. We have also prepared useful and helpful information on relevant topics for you.

Under "Information about Booxli - Your book platform" we have summarized some articles about Booxli and its functions. In the articles we explain the functions of Booxli in more detail and introduce you to the possibilities and advantages with typical and everyday examples.

In the "Questions and Answers" section we have summarized frequent and relevant questions on various topics. The questions generally deal with the topics of media for children and young people or the use of books and other media in everyday life and are supplemented by application-related questions on the topic of family and children.

The "Practical Tips & Recommendations" include, as the name suggests, tips and recommendations on children's books, rituals, family and children. Apart from the central theme of children's and youth media, you will find a colourful bouquet of helpful and useful practical tips for information and for trying out.

Information about Booxli - Your book platform

The advantages and functions of Booxli

Booxli offers you many great features and benefits for a great reading experience. Here you can find all information about Booxli with text, pictures and video.

Learn more about the features and advantages of Booxli.

Scan & digitize children's books with Booxli

Here you can learn more about the possibilities of scanning and digitizing your favorite and most beautiful children's books with the help of Booxli.

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Questions and answers

What should you pay attention to when buying books for children and young people?

Finding the right book is not as easy as you might think. Or is it? We show you what is important when choosing books for children and teenagers.

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Book or eBook - what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Readers are as different as the medium and the stories themselves: some prefer the classic book, others prefer the digital version of the eBook. But which is better? We give you an overview of the respective advantages and disadvantages.

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Why are bedtime stories important for children?

In times of computers, television and mobile phones, the good old bedtime story is unfortunately becoming less and less important. Why it is still important and why you as a parent should attach special importance to a bedtime story is explained here.

Here you will find the answers to the question "Why are bedtime stories important for children?".

Why are picture books important for children?

Picture books are the first books that children come into contact with. They encourage children's creativity and curiosity and many other things as well. We tell you why picture books are so important for you and your child.

Here you can read the article "Why are picture books important for children?".

Why should children read fairy tales?

Are fairy tales good or bad for children? Should parents read fairy tales to their children? Especially with classical fairy tales, the minds often differ. And rightly so. Because many fairy tales today are difficult to understand and sometimes extremely cruel. However, they contain complex and valuable truths and at the same time stimulate the imagination of children.

You can find our article "Why should children read fairy tales?" here.

Practical tips and recommendations

Tips on learning to read for parents & children

Learning to read is not easy for every child. Fortunately, there are many ways to make it easier for parents and children. We present some successful strategies and tips for promoting learning to read.

Here you can find the article "Tips on learning to read for parents & children".

The sleep ritual - tips and tricks for falling asleep

Structures and rituals are important for children. They give them orientation and security and thus ensure less stress and quiet nights, especially when falling asleep. We give you tips and tricks to help you design your own sleep ritual.

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Tips for reading stories aloud

From the written word to the fantastic world - we explain how to bring stories to life while reading aloud and how to inspire your little listeners from the first syllable on. Useful tips and tricks, summarised in a clear checklist, help you to awaken and fuel your reading pleasure.

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