The most wintry winter hidden object books

Our winter hidden object book recommendations

No collection of seasonal hidden object books would be complete without the winter. Today we would like to introduce the most wintery winter hidden object books that will allow you and your children to have frosty adventures over and over again without having to leave your warm home. Especially at a time when many young children have never seen snow in their lives, winter hidden object books are especially fascinating. Of course there is just as much to discover in winter as in summer, spring or autumn. If you think that the winter hidden object books are less colourful because of ice and snow, you need not have any concerns. Nevertheless, the artists know how to integrate colours and shapes into the beautiful hidden object pictures. These picture books are stimulating, entertaining and instructive.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Winter-Wimmelbuch" byRotraut Susanne Berner.


Children between the ages of two and four love the world of Wimmlings, created by the author Rotraut Susanne Berner. Especially the Seasons Hidden Object books are very popular, especially as the contents are also linked. You can buy any book in the series without hesitation without knowing the others, but if you have all the Wimmlingen hidden object books, you will recognize many of the characters and stories that run through the picture books. The Winter Hidden Object book is no exception. Numerous details, all lovingly designed, introduce children humorously to the wintery world of Wimmlingen.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Sachen suchen: Im Winter" published by Ravensburger Buchverlag.

Sachen suchen: Im Winter

The first snow is always something special. And if it is also the first snow a child ever sees in life, it is all the more fascinating. So that the waiting time is not quite so long and the anticipation all the greater, the winter hidden object book "Sachen suchen: In Winter" offers a lot of variety with detailed and colourful drawings. From building a snowman to tobogganing with a sledge to ice-skating on frozen lakes, there is always something stimulating to do. What's more, the book also contains ideas for indoors, because it doesn't always snow. Handicrafts for Christmas in kindergarten or counting snowflakes are part of the beautiful search book. Suitable for children from two years of age.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Mein kleines Winter-Wimmelbuch" by Guido Wandrey.

Mein kleines Winter-Wimmelbuch

It does not always have to be the big giant picture book. On the way or for in between, a mini hidden object book is just perfect. Guido Wandrey's little winter hidden object book fits seamlessly into the mini hidden object book series and contains extra search tasks for children aged two and up. The colourful details offer lots of variety and unusual scenes such as a dog sled race, which few children are likely to know from their own experience. The three snow cats are omnipresent on each page, which are not easy to find. The book also encourages storytelling and thus contributes to early childhood language development.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Mein Tag & Nacht Wimmelbuch: Winter" by Kerstin M. Schuld.

Mein Tag & Nacht Wimmelbuch: Winter

Most hidden object books only deal with views in daylight or the interior of buildings. But there is also a lot to discover in the dark. Especially in winter, when it is known that it gets dark earlier and lights decorate the villages and towns, children can learn a lot about their surroundings. The hidden object picture book "Mein Tag & Nacht Wimmelbuch: Winter" by Kerstin M. Schuld scores with very large fold-out pages, on which there is always something new to discover even after a long time. Thanks to its richness of detail and extensive content, it is suitable for children from two to six years of age and is also surprisingly fun for adults to leaf through and tell stories about.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Winter-Wörterwimmelbuch" by Rotraut Susanne Berner.


Rotraut Susanne Berner's very popular dictionary is used by speech therapists, in primary school and kindergarten to support language development. You can also train your child's language skills at home in a playful and entertaining way. According to many experts, early childhood language development in particular needs more attention these days to prevent children from becoming "lazy in speech". Wimmel books offer the possibility to tell stories in a playful way and promote the understanding and discovery of the environment. The Winter Hidden Object Dictionary goes one step further and lists various objects that can be found in the pictures at the bottom of each double page. Carefully labelled with names and grammatically correct items, these pictures will help your child to internalise the words and terms very well.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Mein großes Winter-Wimmelbuch" by Ali Mitgutsch.

Mein großes Winter-Wimmelbuch

The hidden object picture books by Ali Mitgutsch are an all-purpose weapon in the fight against boredom. What was started in the summer Wimmelbuch is continued in the winter Wimmelbuch. Large-scale scenes, all painted in the typical Mitgutsch style, in which many small and big things happen. The winter world of the Wimmelbuch offers a lot of variety and encourages children from the age of two to search and find people, animals and objects. If you love Wimmel books, you simply cannot avoid this classic.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Ein-Bild-Wimmelbuch Winter ab 1 Jahr" by Vicky Bo.

Ein-Bild-Wimmelbuch Winter ab 1 Jahr

An innovative learning concept that does not overburden children but still offers variety is difficult to invent. With the one-picture hidden object book, Vicky Bo has managed to draw an excellent picture book that cleverly integrates and motivates even the smallest children. The concept seems strange at first, but works perfectly. At the beginning the pages are mostly empty and show only a few details. But with every turn of the pages new things are added. Playfully you can show your child how the winter wonder world of the hidden object book is constantly growing until finally on the last page all details are available. This also works the other way round: if you turn the pages back, you can include concentration games in which you ask which things have disappeared or where a particular object was located. The picture book completely dispenses with text, which is not surprising considering the age target group.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Mein schönstes Winter-Wimmelbuch" by Guido Wandrey.

Mein schönstes Winter-Wimmelbuch

This winter hidden object book is also aimed at very young children from the age of 1 year, but is also popular with four years old. This edition is a larger and more comprehensive version of the small winter hidden object book by the same author. Here, too, the search for the three snow cats is the task waiting for your child on each new page. In addition, the colourful and vivid drawings are very varied and detailed. Almost all activities that can typically take place outdoors in winter with ice and snow are depicted in this wintery hidden object book.

Book cover of the winter hidden object book "Mein Winterwichtel-Wimmelbuch" by Kristina Schaefer and Outi Kaden

Mein Winterwichtel-Wimmelbuch

In the Winter Secret Santa hidden object book, children meet old acquaintances if they already know the other Secret Santa hidden object books by the same authors. The funny gnomes are busy and always busy doing something important. Handicrafts, handicrafts, work - everything that can be done with two hands, the winter gnomes do even when it's icy and snowy. Only one of them always steps out of line - the gnome with the striped cap. He is to be found on every hidden object picture. A great winter fun for children between two and four years.