The most beautiful hidden object books for every day

Hidden object books for every occasion - our recommendations at a glance

With their diverse visual language and wealth of motifs and possibilities, Wimmel books have been among the perennial favorites of children's literature for almost 6 decades. The self-told stories not only stimulate the development of an extensive vocabulary, but also contribute to a better understanding of everyday life. To make sure you have the right hidden object book for every occasion, we present the most exciting anthologies.

The advantage of Wimmel book anthologies

Whether a walk in the woods with the day-care group or a visit to the market with the grandparents - it is not uncommon for children to want to reflect directly on the latest experiences. Numerous questions and the child's need to get to the bottom of things pose challenges for many parents. With the help of hidden object books, connections can be deepened quickly and entertainingly. Collections covering many different topics offer the advantage of being able to react quickly to current situations and experiences. The picture books, filled with colourful illustrations, are also ideal for preparing and getting into the mood for a visit to the zoo or castle.

Individual hidden object books - variety of styles and topics

Not all Wimmel books are the same. Since its introduction in the 1960s by style-defining illustrators and authors such as Ali Mitgutsch, the Wimmel book has established itself as a genre in its own right. Meanwhile, parents and children can choose from a variety of illustrators, styles and thematic focuses. Everyday scenarios such as visits to the swimming pool or a shopping spree in the busy city are just as popular as historically inspired hidden object motifs about prehistoric dinosaurs or Vikings on a long journey. Hours of reading fun is guaranteed.

Cover of the Wimmel book anthology "Meine riesengroße Wimmelwelt" by Joachim Krause.

Meine riesengroße Wimmelwelt

On 136 pages, this handsome hidden object collection by Joachim Krause offers a colourful cross-section of the topics vehicles, construction site, pirates, dinosaurs, dragons, Vikings, knights and workshop. Everyday situations are depicted in the colourful illustrations as well as fairytale stories. The humorously designed motifs have a pleasant size. In addition, each double page is provided with a short text introducing the respective scene and its characters. Small search assignments offer a good introduction to the content. Due to its volume, this hidden object picture book is particularly suitable for children from 2 years of age to read together with parents, grandparents or older siblings.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein superdickes Wimmelbuch".

Mein superdickes Wimmelbuch

With its pages made of sturdy cardboard, this 28-page hidden object book is ideal for children's hands. Classical illustrations alternate with modern depictions, which were designed by Monika Portele, Roger de Klerk and Anne Suess, among others. Whether in the park, at the market, at the bathing lake or at the village festival - stimulating questions draw attention to various details. Real highlights for little explorers aged 2 years and older are the scenes in the harbour and at the railway station. Passenger traffic on land, on water and in the air is portrayed as well as a road junction with a slight rear-end collision. The cargo of the green van, lettuce heads, apples and melons, rolls unhindered over the busy road. Luckily, the police are already on the scene!

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein großes Wimmelbuch" by Ali Mitgutsch.

Mein großes Wimmelbuch

From the award-winning inventor of hidden object books, Ali Mitgutsch, comes the next recommendation in our list. This classic of the hidden object book genre has delighted children and parents for several generations and is presented here in a 28-page anniversary edition for children aged 2 and over. Classic holiday motifs such as a beach on the coast or seasonal scenes such as a winter city park provide hours of reading fun at any time of year. Recurring motifs act as eye-catching running gags and invite you to search again with each picture. The classic style of the drawings reflects Ali Mitgutsch's 40-year creative spectrum - at the same time, the scenes depicted hardly lose any of their topicality.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein extradickes Wimmelbuch" by Caryad.

Mein extradickes Wimmelbuch

Published in 2015, this anthology contains 28 medium-thick pages of various hidden object images by the German illustrator Caryad. It is not uncommon for the dynamic events to connect several small worlds on a double page - for example, the intersection of the street with the tram that has just stopped divides the city park from the construction site opposite. Just like in real life, constellations of figures and storylines flow into each other. The perspective also changes from a frontal view to a bird's eye view. Both realistic motifs and imaginative details such as the squirrel with a camera find their place in the varied hidden object pictures - a reading recommendation for children aged 24 months and over.

Cover of the tiptoi hidden object book anthology "Meine großes Wimmelbuch" from Ravensburger Buchverlag.

tiptoi® Mein großes Wimmelbuch

With this tiptoi® anthology, the classic hidden object book has arrived in the digital age. From the ringing of cow bells in the mountains to the roar of lions in the zoo - audio-digital content such as songs, sounds, dialogues and games complement the modern hidden object motifs for children from 4 years of age. In addition to rural depictions such as the driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures, this 16-page hidden object picture book also includes everyday situations such as a visit to the outdoor swimming pool or the preparations for a garden party. The tiptoi® pen required to make the illustrations sound is not included.

Cover of the hidden object book "Wimmlingen bei Tag und Nacht" by Rotraut Susanne Berner.

Wimmlingen bei Tag und Nacht

Spring, summer, autumn and winter - the cycle of the year with its seasonal peculiarities is illustrated in this 80-page hidden object book for children aged 2 and over by the author Rotraut Susanne Berner. Whether in a snow flurry with festively decorated facades and Christmas market stalls or on a spring day in the park: the town of Wimmlingen provides the atmospheric setting for the detailed illustrations. The presentation of the interior areas is particularly exciting. The station building or the multi-storey residential building in the countryside can be seen not only from the outside, but also in its entirety by means of X-ray vision. Even the changing times of day and the ethnic diversity are not neglected in this beautiful hidden object book.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch: 1000 Sachen zum Suchen und Entdecken".

Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch: 1000 Sachen zum Suchen und Entdecken

This 80-page anthology contains 36 different sceneries drawn by the 3 popular hidden object illustrators Caryad, Stefan Lohr and Anne Suess. With its handy dimensions it is ideal for taking along and reading on the go. Classic hidden object motifs such as construction sites, harbours or railway stations are just as much in evidence here as original scenes, for example at the carnival parade, in the Eternal Ice or in the land of plenty. Short texts and image excerpts for searching and finding again provide variety when viewing the double-page motifs. Named characters, such as fireman Theo or farmer Anton, make it easier to get into self-made stories. Suitable for children from 2 years.

Cover of the hidden object book "Das will ich mal werden! Mein Berufe-Wimmelbuch" by Anne Suess.

Das will ich mal werden! Mein Berufe-Wimmelbuch

Hardly any topic is as exciting for children as their own career aspirations - this 8-page hidden object book for readers aged 2 to 4 gets to the bottom of exactly this question. In addition to medical activities in hospitals, in specialist or physiotherapy practices, artistic professions in ballet school or on the film set are also depicted. Craftsmen such as chimney sweeps, construction workers or carpenters carry out their activities on the bulging hidden object pages as well as hairdressers, postal or bank employees and catering staff. Fortunately, no gender-specific attributions are made here. Numerous questions, puzzles and search assignments complement the detailed illustrations by Anne Suess in terms of content.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch: Ein Tag im Zoo".

Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch: Ein Tag im Zoo

From a visit to the petting zoo to individual stations with penguins, meerkats, etc. - accompany siblings Max and Mia on their exciting day at the zoo in this 16-page hidden object book with a consistent theme. The large-format depiction of people and animals draws attention to the essentials, the social interaction of different characters of all ages. Short sections of text with further questions encourage the reader to take a closer look at the dynamically designed drawings. Hot-air balloons in the blue sky or circling birds over the mountains - the wide perspective opens the view to the different picture levels illustrated by Sibylle Schumann and Christine Kugler.

Cover of the hidden object book "Meine schöne Wimmelwelt" by Joachim Krause.

Meine schöne Wimmelwelt

Child-friendly favourite topics such as a knight's tournament in a castle, pirates on a treasure hunt and Vikings on the prowl characterise the special charm of this 88-page hidden object book by Joachim Krause. Its compact Din-A-5 format makes it a practical everyday companion. Even for adults there are always amusing and surprising things to discover. The individual locations are described in more detail in amusing accompanying texts - the individual plots can thus be picked up easily and told to others. In addition to scenes close to everyday life such as a construction site with various vehicles, historical content such as the world of dinosaurs is also imaginatively presented. Varied hidden object fun for children from 2 years of age.

Cover of the hidden object book "Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? Das große Wimmelwissen".

Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? Das große Wimmelwissen

From the series "Why? Why? Why?" is a giant hidden object book for children between the ages of 2 and 7. Extra-large hidden object scenes and the combination of expert knowledge and illustrations make this 16-page hidden object book a useful addition to any bookshelf. Detailed text sections and flaps that can be opened and behind-the-scenes glimpses provide interesting input even for first-time readers. Whether on a building site, in the zoo or on the farm - this approximately 41 cm high hidden object book with its practical spiral binding is characterised by a wide variety of topics. Impressive contrasts such as the cityscape between historic gabled houses and futuristic skyline contribute to the realistic overall impression.

Cover of the hidden object book "Dinosaurier-Wimmelbuch" by Max Walther.


The exciting world of prehistoric creatures: 10 different species of dinosaurs such as the imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex and the flying Microraptor are found on every double page of this 14-page hidden object book. Follow the fascinating lizards into the underwater world or get to know adult dinosaurs and their young. There is so much to discover in the child-friendly illustrations by Max Walther that they do not need any explanatory texts. On the last pages, young readers aged 3 years and older can find out exactly which species of dinosaurs are involved. There each type of dinosaur is briefly introduced together with its offspring and most important characteristics. 

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein extragroßes Natur-Wimmelbuch" by Christine Henkel.

Mein extragroßes Natur-Wimmelbuch

Divided into the 4 sections Forest, Field and Meadow, Garden and Hedge as well as Brook and Pond, this 72-page hidden object book by Christine Henkel is dedicated to native nature in all its diversity. The naturalistic drawings not only depict the animal and plant world, but also the changing seasons. The accompanying texts help children from the age of 3 years to better understand the natural phenomena and enable guardians to refresh their own knowledge. Particularly exciting are the creative search tasks and the unusual insights into the underground habitat. This instructive hidden object book opens your eyes to the beauty of nature.