The best sleep stories for children

Bedtime stories are as old as mankind. Even around the campfire, our ancestors told their children exciting stories that were supposed to give them beautiful dreams. Long before there were books, parents or grandparents had to tell the bedtime stories from memory or even invent them themselves. Today, fortunately, things are easier for us. In addition to countless books full of fairy tales, adventures and other beautiful stories, there are many more options thanks to modern media. With a tablet or smartphone, you have a much wider range of options today. Of course, this is all the more interesting for children, because pictures and sounds stimulate their imagination.

But be careful: Sleep stories are supposed to make sure that a child comes to rest and can sleep, preferably with a pleasant dream that matches the story being read. Smaller children in particular - who are the main target group for bedtime stories - are quickly overwhelmed if they are bombarded with too many stimuli. The classic book for parents reading a bedtime story to their children is therefore still an important utensil in the children's room.

Rituals belong to sleep stories

Reading aloud (or even reading together with the child) is only superficially for pure entertainment. In fact, the regular ritual is important to help children achieve a healthy sleep rhythm. There are countless studies and articles on what time is ideal for which age group to go to bed.

However, rigid rules and guidelines do not necessarily fit the individual sleeping behaviour and sleep needs of children. This is certainly no different for you as an adult. Without rituals it is often difficult to fall asleep or sleep well through the night. The bedtime story is therefore much more than just an entertainment programme. It strengthens bonds between parents and children, promotes falling asleep and, depending on age, also your own reading skills.

In general, if possible, you should not just read the story stoically. Reading together is indispensable, especially for children's books with beautiful illustrations. In addition, the cuddling factor plays a special role, which no book can take over. It is no coincidence that many sleep stories are lovingly illustrated and illustrated.

Fairy tales are classic bedtime stories

It was the Brothers Grimm who first summarized the scattered folk tales and fairy tales that had been passed down orally from generation to generation and published them as a book of fairy tales. These classics are still among the most popular bedtime stories today. Modern versions of the stories have been adapted to modern times in terms of language and illustrations. They can therefore also be conveyed to modern children very well. There are so many variations and versions of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm that one can choose the right book for all age groups. If you need inspiration, here we present the 15 most popular fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

But also the old fairy tale collection of the grandmother often still serves its purpose. Many modern sleep stories are inspired by classic fairy tales or reinterpret them. Today, we would like to focus mainly on sleep books with stories for smaller children, although some of the bedtime stories may also fascinate older children.

Book cover of the picture book "Die Geschichte vom kleinen Siebenschläfer, der nicht einschlafen können" by the author Sabine Bohlmann.

Die Geschichte vom kleinen Siebenschläfer, der nicht einschlafen konnte

Sleep problems are all too familiar to many parents - and that's exactly what this story about the little dormouse that couldn't fall asleep is all about. It's true that the name Siebenschlaepfer carries sleep in its very name and is known for having a particularly extended hibernation - and the whole thing even for a proud seven months! But the little child of seven sleepers, who has never slept for so long, has a hard time with it. And when the animals of the forest try to help him, the story becomes too beautiful to fall asleep. A wonderful book for little and big dormouse from the age of 4 by Sabine Bohlmann with loving illustrations by Kerstin Schoene.

Cover of the picture book "Good night, Gorilla" by Peggy Rathmann.

Good Night, Gorilla

This beautiful bedtime story, which comes in the form of a picture book illustrated by the author herself, is about a small gorilla. One evening, when the friendly zookeeper says goodbye to his animals as usual, the gorilla secretly steals his key. What he then experiences together with the mouse and the other animals of the zoo enchants the hearts of young and old alike. This picture book is the favourite of many children and could become a classic. The adventure of the little gorilla is a perfect story for falling asleep and is sure to make the little listeners' dreams come true.

Cover of Sam McBratney's "Guess know how much I love you?" picture book.

Guess how much I love you?

This book has become an absolute world bestseller in recent years. The touching bedtime story about the friendship between the little and the big rabbit is certainly a classic for future generations. The plot focuses on showing great emotions. This is often neglected in modern times. Not so in this story. Because the little rabbit and the big rabbit want to show how much they love each other by making bigger and bigger comparisons, which is not only funny but also heartwarmingly beautiful. Even though the falling asleep story is especially designed for children, it appeals to almost every adult as well. This probably explains the great success of this bestseller.

Cover of the picture book "Wenn kleine Tiere müde sind".

Wenn kleine Tiere müde sind

What could be better than falling asleep together with your favourite animals? The picture book "Wenn kleine Tiere müde sind" is an excellent story for children from 1 year on. The bedtime rhymes it contains support the falling asleep ritual and at the same time promote language development. And your children will also learn where all the animals sleep at night: the bear lies down in its den, the snail retreats into its house and dogs and cats curl up against each other. But where do lions, penguins, horses, birds and hedgehogs sleep? Find out with this book and make sure you fall asleep beautifully with loving pictures and harmonious rhymes.