The 20 most beautiful hidden object books for Christmas

Our recommendations of the most christmassy hidden object picture books

In winter, people don't do much outside, which is why picture books are a perfect pastime for the Advent season and of course for Christmas. Hidden object books are especially fun because they offer a lot of variety and help to understand and experience the world. In addition, your child can usually solve various search tasks and puzzles in these books, which develops cognitive (and often linguistic) skills. In addition, Christmas Hidden Object books help parents to introduce their children to Christmas and the Advent season. Atmospheric sceneries with colourful lights and Christmas motifs are a permanent fixture - the selection at the bookstore is correspondingly large. We therefore present you our selection of the 20 most beautiful hidden object books for Christmas at a glance.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein großes Weihnachts-Wimmelbuch" by Guido Wandrey.

Mein großes Weihnachts-Wimmelbuch

Children between the ages of two and four are the target group of Guido Wandrey's hidden object books. The cheerful Christmas hidden object book contains a little story, which is supplemented by the special search task. Thus, children not only have a view of many colourful hidden object pictures with Christmas motifs, but can also develop their detective skills. Everything of course completely age-appropriate with colorful drawings, which are kept in the well-known style of the artist.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein liebstes Weihnachts-Wimmelbuch" from Ravensburger Buchverlag.

Mein liebstes Weihnachts-Wimmelbuch

The small cardboard picture book by Ravensburger convinces in the usual stable quality. The content of the Christmas hidden object book deals with the entire Advent season and shows, for example, how Santa Claus visits the kindergarten and how the angels prepare the cookies in the Christmas bakery. A beautiful hidden object book for children from two years of age to whom you would like to explain the colourful hustle and bustle of the Advent season.

Cover of the hidden object book "Weihnachtswimmelbuch" by Anne Suess.


This Christmas hidden object book by Anne Suess is also aimed at two to four-year-olds. Among other things, there is a visit to the Christmas market or a look at the presents on Christmas Eve. The lovingly illustrated stories are just right for kindergarten children who are about to discover and understand the Christmas world.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein großes Sachen suchen - Frohe Weihnachten" by Anne Suess.

Mein großes Sachen suchen - Frohe Weihnachten

Looking for things is a great experience for children from the age of two. Not only are shapes, colours and concepts learned, but also connections to figures, animals and all kinds of objects are made. The big things search hidden object book for Christmas offers a lot of variety with search tasks on large-format pages, which were lovingly worked out by the well-known illustrator Anne Suess.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein großes Wimmelbilderbuch Weihnachten" by Steffen Schneider.

Mein großes Wimmelbilderbuch Weihnachten

The Wimmelbildbuch zu Weihnachten by Steffen Schneider is aimed at children between the ages of three and six. It is therefore also suitable for pre-school children and primary school children and offers accordingly much variety. The beautifully structured and colored pictures show various Christmas scenes on five double-page hidden object pictures. Already on the cover picture there are a lot of details to see. It is sturdy enough to withstand the somewhat rough treatment by smaller children's hands. Small texts with search tasks increase the long-term motivation, especially since the search games can also be varied according to your own rules.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein superdickes Wimmelbuch: Weihnachten" by Caryad.

Mein superdickes Wimmelbuch: Weihnachten

Some hidden object picture books are beautiful, but contain only a few pages. The super-thick Christmas Hidden Object book by Caryad, on the other hand, has a full 24 sturdy pages with lots of bustle and bustle. The total of eleven scenes are not just a quick glance through, but motivate children from the age of two to visit places like the Christmas market or Santa's Secret Santa's workshop. A beautiful hidden object book that is especially fun to look at together with parents and grandparents.

Cover of the hidden object book "Tilda Apfelkern - Es weihnachtet im Mäusehaus" by Andreas H. Schmachtl.

Tilda Apfelkern - Es weihnachtet im Mäusehaus

Tilda Apfelkern is the star of this special hidden object book for Christmas. Unlike most of Andreas Schmachtl's other works, this picture book does not focus on more or less real settings, but shows how the mice in Tilda's mouse house prepare for Christmas. And this mouse house is full of surprises, as can be seen in the very detailed hidden object pictures. Especially well done is the integration of flaps, behind which little secrets and puzzles are hidden. Children between the ages of three and six will always have fun discovering the details with this hidden object book. A clear candidate for your child's favourite hidden object book.

Cover of the hidden object book "Ein Geschenk geht auf die Reise: Mein Weihnachtswimmelbuch" by Annette Moser.

Ein Geschenk geht auf die Reise: Mein Weihnachtswimmelbuch

A little drama takes place in this Christmas hidden object book by Annette Moser. Little Tom is actually happy that he has finally found a nice present for his sister, but loses it at the Christmas market. This is a case for all children between the ages of two and four. They are supposed to support Tom in his search and are accompanied by many helpers in the book. The exciting question remains whether it will be possible to find the present again in time before the presents are given. A nice idea for a Christmas search book that stands out from the crowd thanks to its well-written story.

Cover of the hidden object book "Die große Wimmel-Weihnachtsgeschichte" by Kerstin M. Schuld.

Die große Wimmel-Weihnachtsgeschichte

Of course, the actual Christmas story should not be missing from the round of Christmas hidden object books. Kerstin M. Schuld retells it in this Hidden Object book based on the New Testament and thanks to beautiful illustrations, makes it suitable for children. Children between the ages of two and four learn the most important information about the birth of Jesus Christ. If you want to tell your child what Christmas is all about, the Wimmel book with its six large fold-out pages and a total of 21 pictures is a good starting point.

Cover of the hidden object book "Weihnachten Wimmelbuch" by Monika Parciak.

Weihnachten Wimmelbuch

One of the hidden object books that brings Christmas into the children's room in the form of numerous little stories is the Christmas Hidden Object Book by Monika Parciak. The fascination for the almost magical atmosphere at Christmas characterizes this Christmas hidden object book. The graphically very appealing drawings are colourful and invite to follow different continuous stories. It scores particularly well with the long-term motivation. It was designed for a broader age range of two to six years, so that some people are not overstrained and others are not bored. Another candidate for the title of favourite hidden object book in your children's room.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein kleines Wimmelbuch von Weihnachten" by Manfred Tophoven.

Mein kleines Wimmelbuch von Weihnachten

The little hidden object book of Christmas also deals with the story of Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus in the stable. The small-format book was illustrated by Mafred Tophoven and has search indexes with coloured symbols in the margin, which the child should find again when looking at the book. Designed for the age group of two years and older, the book is not yet overburdened with its richness of detail and focuses more on clear structures and large illustrations. But the Wimmel book is always fun when it comes to conveying the story of Christmas in a child-friendly way.

Cover of the hidden object book "Meine weihnachtliche Wimmelwelt" by Joachim Krause.

Meine weihnachtliche Wimmelwelt

Another hidden object book for Christmas that visits typical locations such as the Christmas market and kindergarten. Illustrated by Joachim Krause, it is a graphically very successful variation of the well-known theme, where the red Christmas gift has to be found on each page. Children between two and four years discover a lot of beautiful details on the attractively designed pages in this hidden object book.

Cover of the hidden object book "Wir warten auf den Weihnachtsmann: Das große Weihnachtswimmelbuch" by Alexander Steffensmeier.

Wir warten auf den Weihnachtsmann: Das große Weihnachtswimmelbuch

One of the biggest challenges for children during the Christmas season is certainly to show patience. This hidden object book by Alexander Steffensmeier, the creator of the picture book cow Liselotte, is intended to help them do this. It is designed to shorten the waiting time for Santa Claus on a total of 24 pages. Children from the age of three love the beautifully painted pictures, which can be understood without many words. Even the youngest children can understand the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. Small text descriptions are available, but not really necessary, because this hidden object book lives from the beautiful drawings.

Cover of the hidden object book "Rund um die Welt ist Weihnachten" by Catharina Westphal.

Rund um die Welt ist Weihnachten

This Christmassy hidden object book captivates with its well thought-out, interactive concept and thus stands out from the competition. Thematically, it deals with various Christmas customs around the world and gives children from four to six years of age an overview of the fact that Christmas is not only celebrated in this country. The interactivity is available in conjunction with the Ting pen. Content from various books can be installed on it. Afterwards, the children can tap on the corresponding places in the book with the Ting and information is read out loud. This also works without parents and is not only fun once, but over and over again. Those who like interactive concepts can use the Christmas hidden object book to enter the Ting world, for which there are of course other books available.

Cover of the hidden object book "Mein Weihnachts-Wimmelbuch" by Sandra Reckers.

Mein Weihnachts-Wimmelbuch

Another solidly drawn Christmas hidden object book for children aged three and up. In terms of style, the pictures by illustrator Sandra Reckers may remind some parents of a more modern Ali Mitgutsch. But that's not a disadvantage, because the details and contours are much more contemporary than the partially aged Mitgutsch works. As usual with hidden object books, there is also a lot to discover here. The central scenes are the Christmas market, the presents and other typical Christmas motifs.

Cover of the hidden object book "Wimmelspaß im Weihnachtswald" by Joachim Krause.

Wimmelspaß im Weihnachtswald

Pixi books, in their various designs and formats, have been loved by children for generations. This Christmas hidden object book, illustrated by Joachim Krause, can also be taken everywhere by your child without any problems. The inexpensive picture book fits in every pocket and is therefore always available as a boredom killer. The content deals with the preparations for Christmas in the Christmas forest. There, the animal children are looking forward to the feast just as much as the human children, who have the hidden object book in their hands. Searching and discovering is of course also part of it.

Cover of the hidden object book "Meine allererste WeihnachtsWimmelWelt" by Joachim Krause.

Meine allererste WeihnachtsWimmelWelt

Children from the age of two already consciously experience Christmas. Therefore, this Christmas Hidden Object book, illustrated by Joachim Krause, is particularly suitable for preparing for the festive season. The anticipation is fuelled, for example, by a visit to bake cookies in the kindergarten, while your own home is slowly but surely being festively decorated. There are also some search tasks to keep your child busy. For example, the animals in Wimmelwald miss their colleague, the Christmas elk. The search bars on the pages ensure long motivation and make the book always interesting for four-year-olds. The Wimmel book also promotes language skills by naming the terms.

Cover of the hidden object book "Wimmelige Weihnachten" by Barbara Korthues.

Wimmelige Weihnachten

In this Christmassy hidden object book by illustrator Barbara Korthues, everything revolves around Christmas. Everything important about the preparations for Christmas is shown here in beautifully drawn hidden object pictures. Getting and wrapping the presents, preparing for the Christmas dinner and of course decorating the Christmas tree are just a few of the many activities your child can experience here. There is no shortage of well-hidden details. Suitable for children from three to six years old.

Cover of the hidden object book "Wenn es wieder Weihnacht wird: Ein Wimmelbuch mit 150 Überraschungen zum Suchen und Entdecken" bySandra Grimm and Carolin Görtler.

Wenn es wieder Weihnacht wird: Ein Wimmelbuch mit 150 Überraschungen zum Suchen und Entdecken

With hidden object books, many parents want to make sure that it doesn't get boring so quickly. If this is your main concern, this Christmas hidden object book by author team Sandra Grimm and Carolin Görtler could be just the right purchase. Say and write 150 hidden surprises to be searched for and found. The locations are as varied as Santa's Secret Santa's workshop or the angels' bakery. The many search tasks will certainly capture the attention of children from two to four years of age, not just for a short period of time. The drawings are also particularly beautiful to look at and garnished with many funny details.

Cover of the hidden object book "Der Weihnachts-Wimmelbaum" by Anette Thumser, Fabian Jeremies and Christian Jeremies.

Der Weihnachts-Wimmelbaum

The animals of the forest meet in the Christmas hidden object tree to celebrate the feast. Badgers, rabbits and of course the elves come together in the enormous root system of the ancient oak tree to make preparations. But this time they also want to have a real Christmas tree. So they decorate the neighbouring fir tree with many little things they have taken from each of the numerous caves. From this many nice search tasks can be made, which have to be solved against the background of the beautifully drawn winter scenes in the Wimmel Forest. Perfectly suited for children from the age of three.