The Booxli scan function to digitize your books

Digitize your books and stories with Booxli

With Booxli you can quickly and easily scan in your favourite books, fairy tales and stories and save them as digital copies in your personal Booxli library. Scanning is particularly easy thanks to the advanced recognition software and the simple operation you use to scan at Booxli.

But should you ever scan your own books. Well, there are many reasons for that. For example, when you go away on a trip and can't take all your favourite books with you. Or if you go to riends and want to take your books with you. Or if you want to use the Booxli video reading function to read your favourite books with your family and friends, but you are not together.

Surely you can think of many more reasons for scanning and digitizing your books. Just try it yourself, because both Booxli and scanning and saving your books is completely free.

An image is scanned using the advanced scanning technology of Booxli

Advantages of the scan function

  • Scan and digitize all your favorite books
  • Simple, foolproof operation thanks to advanced scanning technology
  • Stores an unlimited number of books
  • Name your books and add a description
  • Everything within Booxli and therefore 100% safe
  • Completely free of charge and advertising
Father, mother and daughter are eager to load Booxli onto your tablet

Download Booxli now and scan your favourite books!

With Booxli you can start immediately and scan your favourite children's books, fairy tales and stories and save them in your personal library. So you can have your favourite books with you in digital form anytime and anywhere. Get the Booxli App directly on your tablet and start today.

Booxli offers you a great reading experience for the whole family, absolutely childproof, ad-free and free - no matter when and where you are. Just try out Booxli!

> At the moment Booxli is only available for Apple iOS iPad, but we are working hard to make Booxli available for Android Tablets soon. <

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