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With Booxli your favourite books are always with you

Books are a great thing. As soon as you open one, you are under its spell and dive into another world. And because that is so, there are a lot of good, entertaining, funny or exciting books. But since a book is also very bulky, it is not so easy to always have all your favourite books with you. As parents, however, you surely know that this need can be particularly strong, especially when it comes to "many (favourite) books".

So to avoid the risk of not having one particular favourite book - besides the other 20 - with you when travelling by car, train or plane, on holiday, with relatives or friends, there is Booxli. Because Booxli has two things that help you to always have your and your children's favourite books with you.

Personal online & offline library

On the one hand, at Booxli you have your personal bio-library, where you can store all your favourite books as digital versions. For this purpose you simply use the scan function, which is described in detail in the overview of the Booxli scan function.

As soon as a book is stored in your library, it is automatically transferred to your personal cloud storage of Booxli. This has the advantage that you always have access to your books. Even if you log in to your account via a different or new device. For example, when you buy a new tablet you don't have to worry about how to transfer all your books to the new tablet. Because they are already there.

By the way: We have already filled your personal library a bit. Here you can find all the free fairy tales, books and stories provided by Booxli for you. You can find out what these are and which ones you can look forward to in our overview of free content on Booxli.

Reading mode

Besides your personal library, the normal reading mode is waiting for you. What is special about it? Well, it allows you to read your digital books on your device at any time. No matter if you are online or offline. The handling is simple, understandable and reduced to the essential: to guarantee a great reading experience.

Your personal online and offline library awaits you on Booxli with free content.Read your books anytime and anywhere, offline and online with the Booxli reading mode.

Advantages of the library and read modeYour books are always available

  • A place for all your books
  • Dedicated cloud storage for your favorite books
  • Online and offline availability
  • Simple change of end devices without transfers possible
  • Simple and clear operation
  • Focus on the essential: a great reading experience
Father, mother and daughter are eager to load Booxli onto your tablet

Download Booxli now and fill your personal library today!

With Booxli you can take your favourite books with you wherever you go thanks to your personal library.  So you can read your fairy tales, books and stories with the Booxli reading mode whenever and wherever you want. Get the Booxli app directly on your tablet and start today.

Booxli offers you a great reading experience for the whole family and that absolutely childproof, free of advertising and free of charge - no matter when and where you are. Just try out Booxli!

> At the moment Booxli is only available for Apple iOS iPad, but we are working hard to make Booxli available for Android Tablets soon. <

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