All about Margit Auer - Profile & Books

Life and work of Margit Auer

Margit Auer's love of books began early: Born in 1967 in Mühlendorf am Inn, she was already a real bookworm as a child. In her home town of Waldkraiburg, she therefore regularly visited the lending library and dragged children's book after children's book home. A sore point at that time was the glass door in her children's room: it reliably prevented her from reading secretly at night.

After graduating from high school, Margit Auer studied and became a certified journalist. She enjoyed working for several daily newspapers in Bavaria - especially when it came to regional news. Getting up in the morning and not yet knowing what exciting and different people she would meet on the respective day was the best part of it. In 1997 she finally set up her own editorial office in Eichstätt.

Family and change

The prospective journalist had already met her fellow student Richard Auer during her studies. In 1998 she married him, who was now working as a journalist and also as a crime writer. In the same year, the couple's first son was born, and this marked the beginning of a completely new reality for Margit Auer. She continued to write for newspapers whenever possible. However, two more sons soon followed, and time for work became scarce.

Instead, Margit Auer remembered her childhood days and again began to carry home large quantities of children's books from the lending library. She read to the boys, read alone more and more often - and found that she knew pretty much what made a good children's book.

A door opens

Nobody wanted to publish Margit Auers first stories. But the author was not impressed by this: she just kept writing and writing and tried until her first children's book was finally published in 2010. "Verschwörung am Limes" was a thriller for children set in ancient Rome. The young readers were enthusiastic, the parents were attracted by the exciting genre combination - from now on things went uphill.

In 2013 the first volume of the "Schule der magischen Tiere" was published and marked the big breakthrough. The fantasy series about school children who can solve their problems thanks to their talking animals was translated into more than 20 languages and has already sold over three million copies. The characters are lovable and realistically drawn, and it is easy to understand what moves the children. Thanks to her loyal international readership, Margit Auer has now been a full-time author for several years.

The children's books Margit Auer

In order to keep this chapter clear, only the individual books are mentioned completely. There is also an overview of the series that the author has written so far.


  • Trubel auf Burg Drachenstein – Vorlesegeschichten (2014)
  • Die Butterbrotbande und weitere Abenteuergeschichten (2014)
  • Prinzessin Himmelblau (2016)
  • Die schönsten Vorlesegeschichten für kleine Helden (2019)


Die Römerbücher(2010 to 2012)

The books tell exciting thrillers about the adolescent Roman Magnus and his Germanic friend Finn. In the three volumes the boys have to show in different environments that they have courage and brains to avert impending disaster.

Verflixt verhext (2014 to 2015)

The young witch Pina Moonwalk moves with her two witches into a human town - very exciting, and she is not allowed to do magic in public! Pina quickly makes the acquaintance of Mellies, and the two girls become close friends despite their differences. Together they experience three memorable adventures.

Die Schule der magischen Tiere (2013 to 2018)

The Wintersteinschule is not an educational institution like any other: The 24 children in a class are each given a magic animal bit by bit. This can speak and helps "his" child with problems and development. Apart from the children, only a few people are initiated - their teacher, for example, who is the sister of Mister Mortimer Morrison, who owns the pet shop where the animals come from. So far ten volumes have been published and there is no end in sight!

Here we present you the books of the series "Die Schule der magischen Tiere".

Die Schule der magischen Tiere – Endlich Ferien! (2016 to 2020)

You can't always just go to school - this series describes what happens to the human and animal heroes of the School of Magical Animals during the holidays. Five volumes have been published so far.

Here we present the series "Die Schule der magischen Tiere – Endlich Ferien!"

Die Schule der magischen Tiere ermittelt (2020)

Sometimes you have to get to the bottom of things, for example in these two volumes in which the protagonists try their hand as detectives.

In addition, the special volume from the School of Magical Animals was published in 2019: "Eingeschneit! A Winter Adventure".

Click here for the book presentation of the series "Die Schule der magischen Tiere ermittelt".


Conclusion: Margit Auer as a constant on the bookshelf

When reading it, you notice that Margit Auer really knows what makes a good children's book: Her stories are true to life, but also conciliatory, exciting and always surprising. The reading aloud books are suitable from the age of five years. However, her series are aimed at children who are a little older - they are recommended from eight to eleven years of age. Their added value is that they strengthen the children's self-confidence and encourage them to be themselves. Everyone is good as they are, is the positive message.