Hidden object books in series - hidden object book series for children

Hidden object books already fascinate in baby age. They never get boring because there are always new things to discover. The many small details, which are literally teeming with them, are what make the charm of Wimmel books so special. Who invented them is a matter of debate among experts. Thus, the internationally known series "Where is Wally/Waldo?" has certainly been successful. (in Germany: "Where is Walter?") has a pioneering role. However, the inventor of the German Wimmel books is generally considered to be the old master Ali Mitgutsch, whose Wimmel picture books are familiar to most of today's parents since childhood. Today we would like to give you an overview of the most beautiful Wimmel book series that will inspire you and your children.

Wimmel book series of famous authors

The cover of the hidden object book "Wimmlingen bei Tag und Nacht" by Susanne Rotraut Berner

Hidden object books by Rotraut Susanne Berner: Wimmlingen

Some hidden object books depict real places, others fantasy worlds. But few authors bother to invent an entire city with over 80 human and animal inhabitants. The hidden object books that play in the little town of Wimmlingen offer a complete hidden object world to discover, so to speak. But instead of producing an endless number of titles, the author focuses on a few, but all the more beautiful hidden object picture books. They explain the seasons, day and night and the calendar year.

If you want to know more about Rotraut Susanne Berner and her books, you can find more information about the author here.

The cover of the hidden object book "Das große Wimmelbuch" by Anne Suess.

Hidden object books by Anne Suess

The Wimmel books of the well-known author Anne Suess deal mainly with children and animals. She also writes other children's books, so there is no need to stop at teeming. Depending on the title, different age groups are addressed, but especially in the case of the hidden object books, there is none that is not suitable for all children. As usual with this genre, the target age starts at 24 months - and ends at the discretion or interest of the child and parents.

More information about the successful author Anne Suess and recommendations for her books can be found here.

The cover of the hidden object book "Rundherum in meiner Stadt" by Ali Mitgutsch.

Hidden object books by Ali Mitgutsch

The inventor of the German hidden object books - that's what you could call Ali Mitgutsch. He was the first in the German-speaking world to publish his large-format giant picture books with great success. Even before the term "Wimmelbuch" even existed, there was so much to discover on these detailed pages that whole generations of children grew up with them. The childlike, naïve drawing style is very pleasing and has developed over the years.

Here we have summarized all information about Ali Mitgutsch, his life and his books.

Hidden object picture book series from well-known publishers

The cover of the picture book "Das große Wimmelbilderbuch - Durch Stadt und Land" by Arena Verlag.

Das große Wimmelbilderbuch

"Das große Wimmelbilderbuch" by Arena Verlag deals in the different editions with varied topics such as city and country, exotic animal worlds or technology. Each book is suitable for children from the age of two years. The drawings are detailed, but not too small, so that younger children can also get to know the shapes and colours. As there are no fixed locations or characters, you can buy the books in any order you like.

  • Das große Wimmelbilderbuch – Durch Stadt und Land
  • Mein großer Wimmelbilder-Spaß
  • Mein großes Wimmelbilderbuch der Tiere
  • Mein liebster Wimmelbilder-Spaß: Fröhliche Ostern
  • Mein großes Fahrzeug-Wimmelbuch: Unterwegs durch Stadt und Land
The cover of the picture book "Mein schönstes Sachen suchen" from the Ravensburger Buchverlag.

Sachen suchen Wimmelbuch

This series of hidden object books from the Ravensburger Buchverlag is not only about browsing through the book on your own, but also about searching for specific information. The large-format pages contain colourful, detailed drawings that deal with a wide variety of topics and locations. The smaller "Sachen suchen" picture books and the hidden object picture books are basically two offshoots of an idea in different formats. The book always presents small "searching pictures" showing individual persons and objects. Your child should then be able to find them on the large hidden object picture. Since the objects are always different, the variety is correspondingly greater than, for example, when searching for recurring figures. Suitable for children from two years of age, the Search for Objects picture books are also fun for children of kindergarten and primary school age.

„Sachen suchen“ series

  • Sachen suchen – Im Kindergarten
  • Sachen suchen – Meine Wimmelbilder
  • Sachen suchen – Einsatzfahrzeuge
  • Sachen suchen – Frohe Ostern
  • Sachen suchen – Auf dem Bauernhof
  • Sachen suchen – Meine Fahrzeige
  • Sachen suchen – Bei den Tieren

„Mein großes Sachen suchen“ series

  • Mein großes Sachen suchen Buch
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Wimmelbuch
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Die Jahreszeiten
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Bei uns im Wald
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Im Kindergarten
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Tag und Nacht
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Tiere der Welt
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Frohe Weihnachten
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Viele, viele Fahrzeuge
  • Mein großes Sachen suchen – Meine Wimmelbilder
The cover of the picture book "Mein kleines Wimmelbuch - Im Kindergarten" from the Esslinger Verlag.

Mein kleines Wimmelbuch

The small hidden object books from this series by Esslinger are designed by different authors. In terms of format and volume, they are smaller than the usual large volumes, in keeping with their name. On the other hand, they are more handy and easy for small children to "understand". They cover a wide range of topics that are interesting for children from two to three years and older. In addition to the areas of zoo or animals, city and technology, which are frequently found in the genre, these books also contain other topics. Whether pirates or everyday life in kindergarten: The detailed and lovingly colored drawings make the introduction to the world of hidden object books worth seeing and reading.

  • Mein kleines Wimmelbuch – Im Kindergarten
  • Mein kleines Wimmelbuch – Im Zoo
  • Mein kleines Wimmelbuch – In der Stadt
  • Mein kleines Wimmelbuch – Tiere aus aller Welt
  • Mein kleines Wimmelbuch – Bei den Piraten
  • Mein kleines Wimmelbuch – Auf dem Schiff
  • Das kleine Wimmel-Ei
The cover of the picture book "Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch - Tiere" from F.X. Schmid / Ravensburger Buchverlag.

Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch

This hidden object picture book series from the publishers F.X. Schmid / Ravensburger Buchverlag comprises a comparatively large number of titles and is designed for the age group of two years and older. Different artists and authors have designed the books, which are more classical in style. The variety of topics makes the series very interesting, because there is something for every taste. From fairy tales and Christmas themes to the tried and tested technical explanation books and animal worlds, it never gets boring. The "extra thick" issues also promise long-lasting variety and entertainment.

  • Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch
  • Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch: Märchen
  • Mein liebstes Weihnachts-Wimmelbuch
  • Mein liebstes Bauernhof Wimmelbuch
  • Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch: Tiere
  • Mein superdickes Wimmelbuch: Weihnachten
  • Mein liebstes Wimmelbuch: Fahrzeuge
The cover of the hidden object picture book "Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch - Durch den Tag" by Esslinger.

Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch

Especially the first books are often remembered by children, because they are taken to hand again and again. The Esslinger publishing house claims the title "My very first hidden object book" with this series, which is aimed at the very young discoverers. The colourful hidden object pictures explain the life and everyday life of the different subject areas, accompanied by search tasks. The graphically very appealing style and the colourful implementation are always present in the 16 pages of hidden object picture books.

  • Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch: Auf dem Bauernhof
  • Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch: Durch den Tag
  • Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch: Ein Tag im Zoo
  • Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch: Ein Tag in der Kita
  • Mein allererstes Wimmelbuch: In der Stadt
The cover of the picture book "Bobo Siebenschläfer" from the Wimmelbuchverlag.

Wimmel books from Wimmelbuchverlag

This publisher makes it very easy for you to find hidden object books - because nothing else is published here. The variety of different topics is accordingly large. Technical explanatory hidden object books, geography hidden object books, construction site hidden object books and some big licenses like Benjamin the Flower, The Mouse and Bobo the Sleepy Dormice make the hidden object picture books especially popular with children from four to eight years of age.

  • Die Maus Wimmelbuch
  • Benjamin Blümchen Wimmelbuch
  • Fehler Wimmelbuch
  • Märchen Wimmelbuch
  • Bobo Siebenschläfer Wimmelbuch
  • Dinosaurier Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Auto-Wimmelbuch
  • Yakari Wimmelbuch
  • Baustelle Wimmelbuch
  • Feuerwehr Wimmelbuch

Hidden object book series of cities

The cover of the picture book "Das große Hannover Wimmelbuch" from tpk.


The regional publisher tpk has found a niche with its city hidden object book series, which is particularly interesting. It is not only aimed at children from the age of 2, but also clearly addresses older children who would like to get to know their city and region more closely. The books are well-researched and show the different cities in great detail. Local features such as markets, squares, special buildings and much more are taken into account. To make the hidden object books fun, there are certain objects, people or animals to find on each picture, which differ from city to city. The modern graphic style of the hidden object books should also be emphasized.

  • Das große Dortmund-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Duisburg-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Wuppertal-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Gütersloh-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Hannover-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Bonn-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Langeoog-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Kassel-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Paderborn-Wimmelbuch
  • Das große Bielefeld-Wimmelbuch
The cover of the picture book "Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Leipzig" from Willegoos.

Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch

The Willegoos publishing house with its popular city hidden object books is also relying on the regional track. In addition to the books in a larger format, the same publisher also offers a smaller version, which, however, covers other cities. It is therefore worthwhile to search for the desired city in both rows if you don't find your hometown immediately. The books are suitable for children from two years of age, but due to their graphically sophisticated style, adults will still like to have them at hand. The special charm of these books is certainly the high recognition value of your own city. In contrast to comparable publishing houses, the selection is larger overall or not limited to a specific region. Rather, cities from all over Germany can be found among the hidden object books in this series.

  • Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Karlsruhe
  • Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Leipzig
  • Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Potsdam
  • Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Stuttgart
  • Mein Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Dresden
The cover of the picture book "Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Erfurt" from Willegoos.

Mein kleines Stadt Wimmelbuch

It continues seamlessly, because as already mentioned, there are even more city views from the house of Willegoos with the small-format series "My little city Wimmelbuch". Graphically and conceptually similar, the scope of the Wimmel picture books is somewhat reduced. Presumably the publisher wanted to accommodate such cities, where the demand is not sufficient for one of the extensive larger books. All the better that this way a quite large selection of small town hidden object books comes together. Again, the age range is from about two years to interested adults who want to learn something about their place of residence.

  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Lübeck
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Rostock
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Chemnitz
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Magdeburg
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Hamburg
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Mainz
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Wiesbaden
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Erfurt
  • Mein kleines Stadt-Wimmelbuch: Kiel
The cover of the picture book "Heidelberg wimmelt" from the Silberburg-Verlag.

Die Stadt wimmelt – Series

The regional picture books with recognizable references to cities and regions are celebrating great success. In addition to the usual advantages of hidden object picture books with their hidden object pictures, they offer the opportunity to explore real locations and compare them with real experiences. The Silberburg publishing house focuses on southern Germany with its "it teems" books. Since regions such as Lake Constance or the Swabian Alb are also covered, it is not just about cities, strictly speaking. The drawing style is aimed more at children between the ages of 2 and 8, but can also score points with older readers thanks to the loving details.

  • Der Bodensee wimmelt
  • Stuttgart wimmelt
  • Tübingen wimmelt
  • Die Schwäbische Alb wimmelt
  • Freiburg wimmelt
  • Die Wilhelma wimmelt
  • Mannheim wimmelt
  • Ulm wimmelt
  • Karlsruhe wimmelt
  • Der Schwarzwald wimmelt
  • Die Insel Mainau wimmelt
  • Heidelberg wimmelt
  • Backnang wimmelt
  • Der Stuttgarter Fernsehturm wimmelt
  • Der Schwäbische Wald wimmelt
  • Ravensburg wimmelt
  • Die Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen wimmeln
  • Das Remstal wimmelt

More hidden object books series

The cover of the hidden object book "Wo ist Walter - Die große Schnitzeljagd" by Martin Handford.

Hidden object books: Where's Wally?

This world-famous children's book series has only one protagonist, namely Walter (in the English original Wally, in the USA Waldo). The extremely detailed hidden object pictures are available in large-format books, on which there are always several hundred people. Your child's task is to find the conspicuously dressed Walter there. Despite his striped outfit, this is not so easy, which is why many adults have fun searching together with the children.

  • Where's Wally?
  • Where's Wally Now?
  • Where's Wally? The Fantastic Journey
  • Where's Wally in Hollywood?
  • Where's Wally? The Wonder Book
  • Where's Wally? The Great Picture Hunt!
  • Where's Wally? The Incredible Paper Chase
The cover of the hidden object book "Max Maus im Zoo".

Hidden object books: Max Maus

In the books in this series, children from the age of two are taken on a real voyage of discovery by the protagonist Max Maus. The hidden object pictures have different search tasks, but sometimes it is also about finding the same character over and over again (e.g. in the zoo). The popular Max Maus series has produced various titles, but unfortunately these are not always available as new items in bookshops. Which should not prevent you from looking for them in antiquarian bookshops.

  • Das lustige Wimmelbuch mit Max Maus
  • Max Maus in der Stadt
  • Max Maus im Zoo
  • Bald ist Weihnachten, Max Maus

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