He who does not ask, remains stupid!

It doesn't hurt to ask. And that's exactly why we have created our column "If you don't ask, you stay stupid! Here we collect all sorts of questions about picture books, children's and youth books, as well as authors and the heroes of children's book literature. And because there are so many questions looking for an answer, our list here gets longer every day. And if you yourself have a question about one of your favourite books that you would like to have answered, just send us a message to idee@booxli.com. We will then check your question and get back to you. And maybe you'll find the answer to your question here on our site soon. Have fun browsing now!


Who is Emil from Lönneberga?

Emil from Lönneberga is a very famous boy from Sweden, who has nothing but nonsense and pranks in his head. Here we tell you more about him.

Even more questions

Does Bullerby really exist?

The question of whether the famous village of Bullerbü from Astrid Lindgren's youth books "The Children of Bullerbü" really exists has been on children's minds for generations. Here we give you the answer to the question whether Bullerbü really exists.