Children's books for children from 6 years

Children's books from 6 - the start of the reading age

At the age of 6 years, children usually begin to enter the reading age. How we deal with books later on, whether children develop into bookworms or reading sourpusses, is largely determined by this phase of life and the content of the books. Boring reading books, which are only about cramming, often only increase the frustration level of children. Of course, simply having books read out loud is more convenient. But with the right first-reading books, interest in children's literature can be awakened and sustainably promoted. We looked at some children's books from 6 years of age and found not only the typical classics, but also discovered some new, innovative first-reading books.

Books for boys and girls from 6 years

Books for girls from 6 years

Liliane Susewind

Liliane Susewind is a girl who can talk to animals. Through this special talent she comes into contact with many animals and experiences funny adventures. From the book series of the author Tanya Stewner the following parts are suitable for girls from 6 years on, whereby they can also be interesting for boys:

  • A little donkey makes it big
  • A guinea pig does not like to be alone
  • A lot of running around a hen
  • A hippo on the crosswalk
  • Extra points for the Dalmatian
  • Black tomcats bring luck
  • A little dog with a big heart
  • Three raccoons is not too many
  • A squirrel in a hurry
  • A pony with nonsense in his head

Books for boys from 6 years