Authors of literature for children and young people

The world of children's and young people's literature is as colourful and diverse as the people who write these wonderful stories, fairy tales and tales. They are the ones who create magical worlds, loving characters and heroes and stories that make children's hearts beat faster. Who they are, where they come from and how they came to write is what we tell you in the portraits and introductions of our authors of children's and young adults' literature. We also give you an overview of their most famous works, stories and books. Have fun!

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Isabel Abedi

Isabel Abedi's books for children and young people are precious treasures with multifaceted protagonists that grow on the heart. We introduce you to the award-winning author of books for children and young people.

All about Isabel Abedi - Profile and Books

Katherine Allfrey

Katherine Allfrey's books for children and young people awaken in children a love of legends, sagas and adventures. We introduce the author and her works.

All about Katherine Allfrey - Profile and Books

Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen was one of the greatest storytellers of his time and his fairy tales are part of Denmark's cultural heritage. We introduce you to the famous Danish poet and fairytale author.

All about Hans Christian Andersen - Portrait and Books

Marliese Arold

Marliese Arold once said that ideas just jump around in her head and she only gets peace from them when she writes them down. What comes out of this and how the author came to write, we tell you here.

All about Marliese Arold - Portrait and Books

Robert Arthur

There is hardly a more successful youth book series worldwide than the book series "The three ???" by the American author Robert Athur. Although the origins of the series lie in the 1960s, it has lost none of its fascination and new episodes are still appearing today. Here we introduce the creator of the series, his life and his work.

All about Robert Arthur - Portrait and Books

Margit Auer

Margit Auer knows what makes a good children's book. With a keen sense of excitement and surprise, she creates magical and interesting worlds that always invite discovery. We introduce the author and her work to you.

All about Margit Auer - Portrait and Books

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Rotraut Susanne Berner

Children love stories that go further and further, and that offer new things and ideas. Rotraut Susanne Berner is a master of this art and has proven this with the Karlchen series and the hidden object books and stories in and around Wimmlingen. We present the author, her life and her work.

All about Rotraut Susanne Berner - Portrait and Books

Enid Blyton

The well-known English children's author Enid Blyton has created a body of 753 children's books and more than 10,000 short stories during her lifetime. We have taken a closer look at her life and her books.

All about Enid Blyton - Profile and Books

Kirsten Boie

Kirsten Bioe is one of the most successful German authors of children's books. Born in Hamburg, she has already conceived and brought to life more than 100 children's books and children's book series and is still not tired of creating new and exciting things. We provide an insight into her life and work.

All about Kirsten Boie - Profile and Books

Thomas Brezina

Thomas Brezina is ambassador of UNICEF Austria and at the same time one of the most successful authors of children's books in Austria. Who he is and which books he has written you can find out here.

All about Thomas Brezina - Portrait and Books

Wilhelm Busch

Wilhelm Busch has published a whole series of picture books with poems. However, not all of his books are suitable for children. We introduce you to the famous German author and his work.

All about Wilhelm Busch - Portrait and Books

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Eric Carle

The stories, especially those of the little caterpillar Nimmersatt, the American author and illustrator Eric Carle, are known and loved all over the world. We present Eric Carle and his works.

All about Eric Carle - Portrait and Books


The artistic spirit and creativity of the illustrator Caryad is unmistakable in her pictures. They go hand in hand with the strict rules for drawing for a childlike audience that Caryad has set for herself. We introduce the artist and her work.

All about Caryad - Portrait and Books

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Antje Damm

Antje Damm's books are many things, but above all they are original and unusual. We introduce you to the author of children's books for reflection and philosophy.

All about Antje Damm - Profile and Books

Benji Davies

The stories of Benji Davies are not only exciting and heartwarming but also very comprehensible for children, because they describe the world from their point of view. We introduce you to the children's book author and his work.

All about Benji Davies - Profile and Books

Jenni Desmond

The picture books of Jenni Desmond are lovingly designed, fantastically illustrated and partly simply hilarious. We present the author and her work.

All about Jenni Desmond - Profile and Books

Erhard Dietl

Erhard Dietl writes children's books for the children's soul. Here they find absurd and fun worlds to laugh about and a desirable harmony that calms them and at the same time gives them room to develop. We introduce the creator of the Ogglies and other characters.

All about Erhard Dietl - Portrait and Books 

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Michael Ende

Michael Ende's work is so imaginative and loving that it should actually be prescribed by a doctor: escapism on prescription when the world is depressing. We introduce you to this great German author of numerous classics of children's and youth literature and his work.

All about Michael Ende - Portrait and Books

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Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke's books for children and young people are so imaginatively, excitingly and lovably written that you hardly want to put them down. With them you run the risk of falling in love for life. We introduce the author and her work to you.

All about Cornelia Funke - Portrait and Books

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The Brothers Grimm

The children's and household fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm are among the most famous and popular fairy tales in the world and have been adapted and multiplied in many different versions. We present the brothers and their work.

All about the Brothers Grimm - Portrait and Books

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Heinz Janisch

Heinz Janisch is not for nothing one of the most successful children's book authors in Austria. He has created hundreds of beautiful and instructive picture and children's books, in which he addresses many different and interesting topics for children and presents them in a child-oriented way. We present the author, his life and his works.

All about Heinz Janisch - Portrait and Books

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Joachim Krause

Whether dinosaurs, construction sites, airplanes, pirates or astronauts - Joachim Krause can explain exciting topics with his pictures in a way that children can understand them. We introduce the author and his work.

All about Joachim Krause - Profile and Books

James Krüss

If you enjoy reading and you want your child to enjoy it, James Krüss' books are just the right thing for you. We introduce the author and his works.

All about James Krüss - Profile and Books

Max Kruse

Max Kruse's books for children and young people are not only heartwarming, but also incredibly exciting. With his books, children learn to browse and love books at the same time. We introduce the author and his work.

All about Max Kruse - Portrait and Books

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Selma Lagerlöf

Selma Lagerlöf was not actually a children's book author. Yet with "The Wonderful Journey of Little Nils Holgersson with the Wild Geese" she wrote one of the most beautiful novels in children's literature. We introduce you to this remarkable woman and author.

All about Selma Lagerlöf - Profile and Books

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Paul Maar

Paul Maar knows what children want to read. He has expressed this not least in his Sam's stories, but in countless other works. We introduce you to the father of the Sam in more detail.

All about Paul Maar - Profile and Books

Sam McBratney

The author of one of the most successful picture books in the world, Sam McBratney, is known for writing books that are based on the world known to children. For this reason, they are ideal for reading aloud and for self-reading. We introduce the author and his books to you.

All about Sam McBratney - Portrait and Books

Antonia Michaelis

Your books can be exotic, original or poetic and best of all, all of them together. Because the books of Antonia Michaelis touch you deeply and radiate with their wisdom. We introduce the author and her work.

All about Antonia Michaelis - Portrait and Books

Ali Mitgutsch

Ali Mitgutsch is the inventor of the hidden object books. His worlds of hidden object books are characterized by a lot of imagination and love for detail and inspire generations young and old until today always anew. Here we introduce you to Ali Mitgutsch and his work in more detail.

All about Ali Mitgutsch - Portrait and Books

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Otfried Prussler

Otfried Preußler is justifiably one of the best known and most successful German authors of children's books. With his more than 30 books for children and young people, he inspires children and adults worldwide. We introduce you to the creator of the robber Hotzenplotz, the little witch and Krabat.

All about Otfried Preußler - Profile and Books

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Peggy Rathmann

For over three decades now, children have been reading and loving the stories and books of picture book author Peggy Rathmann - and that alone speaks for itself! Here we tell you more about the author and her work.

All about Peggy Rathmann - Portrait and Books

Joanne K. Rowling

She is the inventor of Harry Potter and at the same time one of the most successful female writers of all time: Joanne K. Rowling. We introduce her to you the English writer and her work.

All about Joanne K. Rowling - Portrait and Books

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Axel Scheffler

Axel Scheffler's books are characterized by the fact that at first glance they show simple animals, but at second glance a great variety of colors down to the last detail. We introduce you to the author and illustrator of children's and picture books.

All about Axel Scheffler - Portrait and Books

Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak's children's books have been loved and appreciated by children all over the world for decades. Who is this author who understands the young soul of children like no one else? We enlighten.

All about Maurice Sendak - Portrait and Books

Ingo Siegner

The creator of the book series of the little dragon Coconut, Eliot and Isabella, meerkat Gustav and many other books, started telling stories at a young age. We introduce Ingo Siegner and his work in more detail.

All about Ingo Siegner - Profile and Books

Helmut Spanner

For more than a quarter of a century Helmut Spanner has been designing cardboard picture books with a great deal of empathy and attention to detail for the youngest readers among us. His books are not only suitable for children and beautiful, but also extremely successful. We introduce the picture book author to you.

All about Helmut Spanner - Profile and Books

Andreas Steinhöfel

Andreas Steinhöfel's stories open up new horizons while reading and celebrate the special. A real reading experience for children and adults. We introduce you to the author of children's books.

All about Andreas Steinhöfel - Profile and books

Tanya Stewner

Animals, elves, mermaids and children - the works of children's author Tanya Stewner are characterized by fantastic moments and are at the same time down to earth. Just like the creative author of book series like Liliane Susewind and Alea Aquarius herself. Here we introduce them to you.

All about Tanya Stewner - Portrait and Books

Anne Suess

Anne Suess' colourful picture books are perfect for little explorers and as a shared reading pleasure. We introduce her to you as the successful children's book author and illustrator with her work.

All about Anne Suess - Portrait and Books

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Mark Twain (aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens)

The American author Mark Twain's civil name was actually Samuel Langhorne Clemens. With his novels and books, which, written with a sharp pen, are bursting with wit and charm, he has secured a place for himself in world literature. We introduce you to the famous author.

All about Mark Twain - Profile and Books

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Alexander Volkov (aka Alexander Wolkow)

In addition to their extravagant fantastic worlds and stories, Alexander Volkov's books captivate with their excitement and variety, which is why they are so hard to put down. We introduce the author and his books.

All about Alexander Volkov - Portrait and Books