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Welcome to the Booxliversum. Nice to have you here. Here, in our little big world of children's and young people's literature, you will find a wealth of helpful tips, information and recommendations. We have put together a whole range of topics for you, such as information on picture books, children's and young people's books, authors and their works, answers to relevant questions and tips and tricks for your everyday life. We are constantly adding new and exciting information and content to the Booxliversum and we try to keep everything up to date. So feel free to look around and explore our exciting world of children's and young people's literature.

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Our tips & tricks we have summarized interesting questions and answers for you.

Tips & Tricks - all you need to know

What are the advantages and disadvantages of eBooks? What should I consider when choosing children's books? Why are books so important for children of all ages? In our Tips & Tricks section we have compiled these and other questions, answers and information on all kinds of topics for you. Look around and get informed!

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We have prepared tips and recommendations for books for every age group for you.

Books for children and young people of all ages

What types of books are there for children? What are their differences, respective characteristics and advantages? And for what age are which books suitable? We answer these and other questions in this section. You will also find tips and recommendations for the best books for different age groups.

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We introduce you to the authors of children's and youth literature.

Authors of literature for children and young people

Here we present all of them to you: from the great giants of children's book literature such as Astrid Lindgren or Erich Kästner to young and new authors such as Susanne Straßer or Philip Waechter, who make children's hearts shine with smart ideas. Do you know them all? Or do we still have an insider tip for you!

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Books, fairy tales and stories

In the big world of picture books, children's and young people's books, countless stories and adventures are waiting to be discovered and read by you. Among them are also the one or other pearl, which you certainly have not yet come across. We have therefore taken the trouble to map the wide world of children's and young people's literature to give you an overview and insight. Here we present the most beautiful and most popular books, fairy tales and stories for families, parents and children of all ages in short, informative texts and tell you where you can find them. 

Here we present you the most beautiful picture books for small children.

The most beautiful picture books

What could be more delicious than a juicy book? Made of thick cardboard or wrapped in cloth. But picture books are not only interesting for babies to suck and nibble on. Because picture books support the development of babies and toddlers in many different ways. We present you the most beautiful and most popular picture books.

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Here we present you the most beautiful children's books.

The most beautiful children's books

What are the most exciting children's books? And which are the funniest? Which children's books must one have read? And which children's books should you definitely include in your library? We might have the answer to these and other questions and introduce you to the most beautiful and most popular children's books.

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Here we present to you the most beautiful youth books.

The most beautiful youth books

As soon as a child can read properly, the entire breathtaking world of youth literature opens up to him or her. This world is as diverse and different as the world we live in. We'll introduce you to the most popular books for young people and give you tips and information about their content.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which are the most beautiful in the whole country? We'll tell you in our "Stories for every day".

Stories for every day

The world of books for children and young people is full of funny, original, exciting and simply beautiful stories. Here in our section "Stories for every day" we present not only the most beautiful, but also the best, most popular, most exciting or scariest stories, books and fairy tales. We also give you recommendations for special genres or for special occasions, like the Christmas season. Come in and let yourself be inspired.

Here you will find our recommendations for stories for every day.

A boy with glasses in front of a yellow background holds a book in his hand and looks cheekily and surprised.

He who does not ask, remains stupid!

Children are curious by nature. They have a lot of questions about what they are interested in and occupied with. And not all questions can always be answered immediately. Fortunately, there's our "If you don't ask, you stay stupid" section. Here we give you answers to questions about children's books, the heroes and places they contain, about authors and many other topics that interest children. Don't be stupid and smart!

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