The most beautiful children's books

Children's books do not only serve to convey information and stories. They are always also a pedagogical tool. They should make it easier for small children to understand their environment and encourage older children to learn to read. However, the contents should not be too educational, but rather encourage further reading through excitement and originality. While pictures dominate the text for smaller children at pre-school age, picture content decreases for books for older children. In the case of literature for teenagers, they hardly ever occur.

What are the characteristics of good children's books?

First of all, a children's book should always be selected for the respective age group. There are no absolute limits - some children get along well with content that is a year or two older than their age group, while others are overwhelmed by it. Many parents are surprised by the complexity of some material. In fact, it is important to deal with difficult topics in an age-appropriate way, rather than simply excluding them. Friendship, love but also loss and even death play a role in most good children's books. Just think of Astrid Lindgren, who has mastered all sorts of everyday stories, from adventure to fantasy. A children's book should not only formulate the contents according to age and convey them in simple, clear sentences, but at the same time classify them.

How do parents find good children's books?

In general, you can orient yourself on new and old classics of the respective genres. Whether detective story, horror story or adventure novel - there is the right book for every taste. Besides very successful fantasy novels, everyday stories in which children can find themselves are popular. Children prefer to read books in which they have the feeling that the author takes them seriously. Not every book can do this - and parents must first learn to take children seriously. Ultimately, however, you have to decide for yourself which children's books correspond to your child's individual level of development and interests.

We recommend these children's books to you.

All covers of the children's book series "Die Schule der magischen Tiere" by Margit Auer.

Die Schule der magischen Tiere

by Margit Auer.

The children in Miss Cornfield's class will, with a little luck, get a best friend for life - a magical talking animal! Together the animals and children experience exciting adventures. Discover a world full of magic, mystery and fun!


All covers of the children's book series "Die Schule der magischen Tiere - endlich Ferien" by Margit Auer.

Die Schule der magischen Tiere - endlich Ferien

by Margit Auer.

The school of the magic animals - finally holidays, extends the original series by further exciting adventures around the pupils of the school with the magic animals. In this series we get to know the individual students of the series better.


All covers of the children's book series "Die Schule der magischen Tiere ermittelt" by Margit Auer.

Die Schule der magischen Tiere ermittelt

by Margit Auer.

In this series of the school of magical animals, many puzzles and secrets are waiting to be solved. Due to the large font and the child-friendly illustrations, the series is ideal for the beginning of the reading age.


All covers of the children's book series of Children from Bullerbü by Astrid Lindgren.

The children from Bullerbü

by Astrid Lindgren.

Lisa and Lasse, Bosse and Britta, Inga and Ole live in Bullerbü, a small Swedish village at the beginning of the 20th century. Together they experience all kinds of funny and exciting things. A beautiful, wonderfully unexcited children's book series.


Several covers of the book series "Liliane Susewind" by Tanya Stewner.

Liliane Susewind

by Tanya Stewner.

Liliane Susewind has a special power: she can talk to animals. Unfortunately, this has often led to problems, but of course Liliane doesn't let that stop her. A funny book series with a heroine for boys and girls.


All covers of the children's book series "Emil from Lonneberga" by Astrid Lindgren.

Emil from Lonneberga

by Astrid Lindgren.

Emil was a louse from a village in Sweden. Who doesn't know him, the lovely blond boy from Katthulter Hof with his pranks and big heart. The children's book series is a classic and a must for every children's room.


Cover of the children's book "Es ist ein Elch entsprungen" by Andreas Steinhöfel.

Es ist ein Elch entsprungen

by Andreas Steinhöfel.

Bertil does not believe in Santa Claus. But that changes abruptly when an elk crashes through Bertil's roof on the third Advent. The story "An elk has come out" is a charming story about and for the Christmas holidays.