We are Booxli - the team behind Booxli

By parents, for families - The faces behind Booxli

We, the team behind Booxli - Your Book Platform, are a colourful team of parents and enthusiasts. Most of us have children ourselves at a young age and know about the problems that today's world can bring, especially when it comes to reading and reading aloud. That's why we decided to develop Booxli, to give us and other families the opportunity to spend a more enjoyable reading time alone and together.

We want to give you - children, parents and families - the opportunity to make your time together special - no matter where you are. Whether at home, in the car, on the plane, in the train, with friends, on a business trip or on vacation. With Booxli you should always have your favourite books with you wherever you go and thus make your time together the best.


The Booxli Team

Picture of Arne Kaiser von Booxli - Your book platform

Arne Kaiser

Arne is himself a proud father of three children and the leading and innovative mind behind Booxli. The idea for Booxli came to him when he had to travel on business for a long time, but during this time he did not want to miss reading a bedtime story to his children in the evening. Since there was no way to do this in a way that would appeal to everyone, he decided to change that. Together with his old friend and business partner Lutz, they christened Booxli in 2019.

Picture of Lutz von Booxli - Your book platform

Lutz Petrean

Lutz is the technical mastermind behind Booxli, although he has no children himself yet, he was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. He would like Booxli to be used by children in hospital or in an orphanage to have a story read to them. As product developers, he and his team make sure that Booxli not only becomes reality, but is also constantly improved.

Image of Daniel Le - Your book platform

Daniel Le

Daniel is responsible for the creative part at Booxli and designs all the interfaces that our visitors use. He is an soon-to-be father and wants to help make reading stories to children a pleasure no matter where you are.

Picture of Alex Mourao Dos Santos from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Alex Mourao Dos Santos

Alex is a passionate experience strategist. His background has equipped him with an understanding of customer needs, buying behaviors and competitor strategies. Together with the Booxli team, he tries to ensure that parents can read bedtime stories to their loved ones, regardless of their location.

Picture of Jan-Frederic Steinke from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Jan-Frederic Steinke

Frederic supports the Booxli team from the first day of the journey in the role of a Technical Advisor. As an experienced app and product developer, Frederic loves to bring valuable and lovingly designed ideas to life. Frederic was developing his first website at the age of 13 and has since then dedicated himself to solving complex technical problems.

Picture of Vacheh Shirvanian from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Vacheh Shirvanian

Vacheh loves spending time with his nephew and reading books to him. Since his nephew does not live near him, he unfortunately cannot see him very often. When he heard about the idea for Booxli, he was thrilled from the beginning. With Booxli he can read books to his nephew regularly, despite the great distance. Vacheh tests the app thoroughly and contributes new ideas for additional features. 

Picture of Oksana Muzychenko from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Oksana Muzychenko

Oksana - our Lead of Frontend and the only lady developer on a project. It is amazing how she manages not only to produce a great quality of code but how she supervises and helps her frontend teammates and pushes them to perform and stay motivated. Her love for the project is contagious and radiant at the same time. She understands the value of Booxli more than anyone else as she knows from her own childhood experience how much a little girl misses reading a book with her parents who spend a lot of time working abroad.

Picture of Yaroslav Bezsmolnyy from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Yaroslav Bezsmolnyy

Yaroslav - he recently became a young Dad who works a lot and now he will learn how much precious moments Booxli can bring to his kid and himself. Yaroslav is our Senior Frontend Developer and has been walking along the path with the team from start till finish. We appreciate his dedication and all the time he stays online with the team especially now when with a new little family member he has to work from home. 

Picture of Ivan Kudryavsky from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Ivan Kudryavsky

Ivan - a versatile Backend developer with incredible level of commitment and responsibility. In terms of the back end functionality he was the one who supported Booxli even during weekends and late nights when there happened to be some  emergency. But he still can find some time for photography and painting, nice time management!

Picture of Ilia Slipak from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Ilia Slipak

Ilia - a young member of our  iOS Booxli team who demonstrated  a great vision of the application idea and understood the intricacies of the App Store guidelines that the app must follow. We are glad to have him onboard and can always rely on his skills and responsibility.  Ilia is fond of Photography so  his sense of beauty and layout allowed him to provide some advice on Booxli UX/UI improvement.

Picture of Maxim Danilov from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Maxim Danilov

Our iOS Developer Max is crazy about new technologies  and he finds working on Booxli an amazing experience due to the fact that he was able to implement the approaches recently presented by Apple. Other than that he enjoyed brainstorm meetings and loved working in the atmosphere of creating a family application together.

Picture of Anton Russo from Booxli - Your Book Platform

Anton Russo

Our QA Engineer Anton said that working for Booxli showed how great it was when the quality of the product is valued higher than fast deliveries. Being very detailed oriented and motivated to show the best results Anton used the latest QA methods to make sure Booxli will work flawlessly for both kids and their parents.


Booxli does not replace books - it supplements them

With Booxli we do not have the claim to replace classic books. Because nothing can replace the haptic and partly olfactory experience of reading from a real book. Just as nothing can replace the experience of reading from a digital book.

Our children today are growing up in a world that is both shaped and driven by technical innovations and digital progress. Never before in human history have the technical, communicative and informative possibilities changed as rapidly as in the last 50-100 years. We believe it is just as wrong to close ourselves to this development as it is to forget its origins.

We believe that children need to come into contact with both worlds, which complement each other wonderfully: the classic book to touch, smell and even "taste" as well as the new world of digital and interactive content, the possibilities of which seem to be almost unlimited. In our opinion, both have their right to exist and can complement each other in a wonderful way.

Because where the classic book reaches its limits, digital, easily transportable and storable versions can solve problems and create new possibilities that did not exist before. Last but not least, Booxli hopes that this meaningful addition will build a bridge from the digital world back to the real world of books, giving children and young people a new incentive to read and encouraging them to immerse themselves in the fantastic world of reading in books.

With Booxli we want to offer families with children the opportunity to enrich their time alone and together with others with an incomparable reading experience.