Two girls are reading a children's book with Booxli on the tablet.A mother reads a story with Booxli on the tablet to her two children.Grandma and grandpa read a story to their granddaughter on the tablet with the help of Booxli, although they are not together.A father reads his daughter a bedtime story from the Hoetl with the help of Booxli. The daughter is at home in bed.

Booxli - The app for children, picture and youth books

View of the Booxli library with many scanned booksView of the Booxli Scan function how an image is just scanned with a kiteView of the Booxli reading function while reading a bookView of Booxli while a new contact is invited to BooxliView of the Booxli video reading function while a father reads a fairy tale with his daughter.View of the fairy tale "Puss in Boots" which is available for free in Booxli.

Booxli is your new platform for picture books, children's books and books for young people to read and discover stories together - even if you are not together at the moment.

With the Booxli App you can scan your favourite books and load them into your own library. So you can take your books with you wherever you go. Read stories, fairy tales and adventures together with your family and friends at home or on the road. 

And if you're not together at the moment, why not network and share the best adventures and stories of your children's book heroes via video reading function?

Booxli makes this possible. Completely free, child-friendly and safe. Because Booxli helps you to make the moments with your family and friends special and to spend a great time together. Always and everywhere!

Booxli is now available for Apple iOS iPads!





Booxli is your children's book app with many great features

Booxli offers you an extensive and exciting reading experience at home and on the road. Especially if you as a parent are on the road a lot and therefore cannot always be at home, Booxli offers you the possibility to read stories and books together with your children even when you are not at home.

Booxli is also equipped with many great and innovative features that allow you to read and discover picture books, children's books and young people's books together or alone, at home or on the road. And on top of that there is a constantly growing number of free books available. 

Here you find all Booxli functions and advantages at a glance.

Scan function

With the scan function of Booxli you can quickly and easily scan your books and store them digitally in your library.

Your own library

At Booxli you have your own digital library. All your scanned books are stored there and can be read offline while you are on the road.

Read always & everywhere

With Booxli you can take your stored books with you wherever you go. For example, you always have them with you when you travel.

Invite friends

You can invite your friends, grand parents and others to Booxli and connect with them. So you can read books together via video reading function, even if you are not together.

Video reading function

With the video reading function of Booxli, you can read stories together, even if you are not together. Just connect via video, select a book and off you go!

Free content

At Booxli you will find a constantly growing number of free books, fairy tales and stories. Just have a look and discover the magical world of Booxli.

Completely free of charge

The use of Booxli, including all functions, is completely free for you. For the use of Booxli only the creation of a user account is required.

Free of advertising

Booxli is also absolutely free of advertising. So you don't have to be afraid that you will be bothered by annoying advertisements. 

By parents, for families

A girl reads a story with Booxli on a tray under a blanket.A family of 4 uses Booxli together on a tablet.Two friends read a story with Booxli on the tablet.A child reads a children's book with Booxli on the tablet while driving in a car in a child seat.With Booxli families read books together, even if they are not together, like here the grandparents with their granddaughter.

We are a colourful team of parents and enthusiasts. We have children ourselves and know what it is like not to be able to spend time with the family. That's why we decided to develop Booxli to give us and other families the opportunity to spend more time together.

We want to give you, children, parents and families, the opportunity to make your time together special - no matter where you are. Whether at home, in the car, on the plane, in the train, with friends, on a business trip or on vacation. With Booxli you should always have your favourite books with you, wherever you are, and thus have the possibility to make your time together the best.

Just try Booxli yourself!





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